The Space Between ~ A Place of Wisdom

"There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Overlook neither."~Alan Cohen

Let's face it. Our society is one that is largely based on the "workhorse" mentality.

"Work HARD!" Achieve MORE!" Stay BUSY!" Be PRODUCTIVE!"

No doubt, no matter what you do in this world, if you are a member of Western culture, you have heard and, quite likely, believed these words.

I know I have.

Until now.

After 15 years on the journey of seeking truth and wisdom from many sources, I have come to realize that less is, often times, so much more. Wisdom has come to me through many humans, though, it has come to me more profoundly through Nature and the Animal Kingdom. There is something very different in this Wisdom. It is pure. Unscathed. Unplanned. Natural. Nature and Animals lead by example, not by the spoken word.

Connecting to this Wisdom guides on the path to returning to our own innate Wisdom, on which we can come to rely on as a solid foundation in our day to day lives and decision making, as we navigate through the Western world.

I watch Nature during transition. Times of change. Even during times of disaster.

I learn the power of resiliency. Perseverance. Flexibility. The truth is...we are made of all of this very same Greatness! For we are a cup of the Great Sea of Nature!

In less than favorable conditions, we innately know what is best for our selves and, often times, our tribes. The real practice lies in getting our intellectual human minds out of the way and connecting with the wisdom of our bodies, where we are receiving information before it gets to our analytical brain. Yep. That is how it works.

This evidence-based theory is the result of years of intense research conducted by The Heart Math Institute. They have concluded that our bodies (in particular, our hearts), receive information through an EMF (electromagnetic field) that communicates with our environment and surroundings. Thus, the body is picking up information and processing it before we step in its way of guidance by allowing the brain to take over with its rationale and analysis.

If we can practice connecting and listening through these lines of communication and a quiet mind, we will inherently become healthier, happier, and wiser, while living a life that is aligned with our authenticity and fulfills our destined purpose. The amazing part is that, in this space, the entire process feels quite effortless.

I have known people guided, myself included, to take big chances, leaps of faith, if you will, and entered into a life of clarity and abundance, of many forms. Does it come with its ongoing challenges? Yes of course it does. Is guidance readily available to be received when required, yes it sure is! One on condition....

You must be quiet enough to hear it.

"Through the portals of silence, the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you."~ Paramahansa Yogananda

There is a certain place we find in the silence. I like to call it the "space between". It is the sweet spot between action and sleep. It is a place of non-action; a place of clear consciousness and awakening.

In this space between, you meet your Self. The Self that comes from Nature. The Self that knows Nature. The Self that is privy to the Universal Intelligence of the trees, the sky, the Animal Kingdom.

There is a mantra in Yoga that is "So Hum". This mantra means "I Am That I Am." This 5000 year old (approximately) chant is a reflection of the premise that we are, in fact, connected to All That Is. Through this connection, we no longer need to worry. All that is required is that we Be Here Now so that we can apply Wisdom to our everyday lives and situations.

This is the Awakening.

For me, it is the Horses that have put into perfect practice the premise of Yoga, allowing me to awaken. I am amazed day in and day out the accuracy of the messages I receive, without effort, only with a quiet mind and an open heart.

Taking time for rest and reflection has become the single most effective path for this connection. When your wise body is asking to step out into Nature, listen. When your wise heart is asking to connect to a loved one, nothing else is more important in that moment. When the eyes of the Horse look at you and ask you to be in the moment, it is an invitation to accept without pondering.

These moments are our opportunities for awakening and they happen every single day, in some way, for each one of us.

As we enter the holiday season, for many this time represents rushing, demands, stress, expectation.

Now more than ever, seize the moments of rest and reflection so that you can enjoy this time and give fully from the heart.

Gratitude is the entry to true fulfillment.

Let us be grateful every day, for all blessings big and small.

And, I know this is somewhat cliche but, the greatest Gift you can give someone this season is the gift of your Presence.

With much love and warmth from our farm to you during Winter Solstice and the Holiday Season,

Fotini Chandrika and the Horse Teachers

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