Manifestation ~ Leading with the Heart

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." ~ Henry Ford

It's fascinating how it works.

And it REALLY works.

The art of manifestation, that is.

What are your dreams? What is your Heart's deepest desire?

When you ask yourself these questions, the answers can't be thought or rationalized. For these answers to come from the place inside of you of knowing and wisdom, the answers are required to be FELT.

Can you feel it? Can you become your dreams, giving them breath and allowing them to take a life of their very own?

When we moved to our farm in 2009, I did just that.

We now had the space (minus the Horse fencing etc) to give breath to our dreams. Though it was not yet clear how it would pan out, we gave it the space to grow and evolve by holding it softly and nurturing it each day.

Sure enough, our first Horse Teacher, Snickers, (pictured above) came into our lives in 2011, giving us just enough time to adjust to country living, thus creating more space for the next manifestation.

I know many of you already know the story of how we came to be The Big Red Barn. I won't get into all of the details, which can be found in earlier blog posts and throughout our websites, but what I will do is demonstrate the power of this type of practice.

The power truly lies in your Heart.

Your dreams may seem unattainable,. You don't have enough time. You don't have enough money. You don't enough support. There are always a number of reasons why everything cant work, right?

Well, there is a power to those thoughts. If there are all of these reasons why it can't work, what about the power in the reasons why IT CAN!!!???

This New Year, the Horses are asking us all to clear ourselves of old limiting beliefs and patterns and make way for what is meant to be. What calls to your Heart. What lives in the entirety of the essence that is YOU.

Rather than focusing on why you can't take that first step, focus on why you CAN.

Your thoughts are action. So be mindful of what you allow them to do.

On my journey here, and every day as things evolve in their own way, I remind myself that all I need to do is stay out of the way and continue to create and hold space for the Greater Purpose. We all have a Great Purpose and that is why, I believe, we are here in the first place.

What is your Purpose?

You may feel confused or unsure when asked this question. That is your mind and all of those patterns of thinking that don't serve your highest good. Now, take a few deep breaths into your feet on the Earth and continue to breath into your body, your Heart, YOU KNOW the answer. Once you step out of the way of the mind and into the Heart. This does not require a whole lot of "doing" either. That is the amazing part. When it is authentic, it is quite effortless. You can manifest anything. Good health, a life partner, a successful career, finding your life's purpose, more time with your family, a deeper spiritual practice, less doing, more BEing....anything you can imagine, you can manifest. There are no limits.

As we enter a new year, it is a wonderful time of clearing space for anew. From the Heart of the Herd and I to your Heart, we send you energy of release and an intention of connecting to your deep inner knowing of who you are and what is meant for you. We send you the energy of Trust and Faith, as you venture into the unknown, with the most powerful knowing guiding the way. You plant the seeds, and then water and care for them each day and watch them grow!

We are deeply excited for you as you begin this new year by embarking on the journey of manifestation and paying mindful attention to your thoughts and the ripple of manifestation that emanates from every single one of them. Choose wisely. Your thoughts and words. Both are action before the action.

You are enough. Everything you require to set out on your journey is available to you through the abundance of the Universe. Just ask. Describe in great detail what it is that you require, in such great detail that you can FEEL it, SEE it, TASTE it and SMELL it. And then...LET IT GO. Set it free to be heard. If you hold it too tight, it's softness will slip right through your fingers.

Believe in this power of the Heart to manifest your passion and purpose. It is SO REAL. It is SO POWERFUL. It is YOURS.

With so much love for a new year of endless possibilities,

Fotini Chandrika and the Herd of Horse Teachers

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