When Fear Shows Up on the Path of Purpose

"You nourish your Soul by fulfilling your destiny." ~ Harold Kushner

Every day, my dog and I go for a hike. We walk the trails and enjoy the fresh air and each others company.

We will encounter squirrels and rabbits scurrying across the path. I giggle as my energetic, and very large companion dog, attempts to chase the quick little animals that can navigate through the bushes much more efficiently than he! I laugh because I am pretty certain he knows he can't catch them, but he sure loves to play the game!

On another note, there are times when I am completely overwhelmed with this authentic, purposeful life. Being so devoted to living Yoga and abiding by the Universal laws that I can no longer fit into the category of "ignorance is bliss". At times, this level of clarity can bring up feelings of self-doubt and fear about the path ahead as I have jumped both feet into the ocean of uncertainty in living this purpose driven life. I have no business plan. No agenda. I am simply BE-ing here and listening to All That Is as I navigate the offerings of our Wellness Centre. Without a "plan" yet being guided by the greater plan.

Over the past week or so, ever single day we have been on the trails, we have been encountering Coyote scat (poop). So much "right on our path" that one day last week my husband even stepped in it! We live closely with Nature and are aware of the packs of Coyote that travel through our property and surrounding land, but we have never encountered a series of Coyote scat right on our path in this way. It felt obvious that the Coyote wanted us to know that he was present. Every day, another fresh pile of scat would appear on the trail to remind us that there was a predatory animal among us and he wanted us to know that he was sharing this sacred space.

Sensing the presence of this fellow canine and perhaps sensing the moment of fear and self doubt over coming my own body as I looked down at yet another fresh pile of poop, every hair was standing tall on the back of my canine companion.

We looked at each other, and silently communicated with one another our intention to keep going. In an instant, the sense of fear diminished, my dog calmly sat down beside me, and I could feel a sense of peace overcome both of us.

At that moment, we had had two choices. We could have played it safe, turned around and headed back, allowing the fear of uncertainty drive us away. Or we could have carried on our path, breathing in Nature and accepting the invitation to co-exist with the unknown.

I kicked the pile of Coyote scat off the trail with the side of my boot, setting the clear intention that I will not be driven off the path by the seed of fear being planted in my imagination. I will shift my perspective back to love and carry on, in compassionate co-existence with All That Is and all that surrounds.

Symbolically, this represented much more than a Coyote on our path. This represented the will to keep moving forward, even during times of challenge or unknown outcomes. Calling on the principles of Yoga: the power of the breath and the presence of the mind, in order to maintain focus and enjoyment on this journey.

Our perspectives are powerful. Our minds are the masters of our own peace or delusion.

"Faith is a gift of the spirit that allows the soul to remain attached to its own unfolding." ~ Thomas Moore

I looked up the symbolism of Coyote medicine. Here is what I found on www.spiritanimal.info:

"If the coyote spirit animal crosses your way, you may be encouraged to not take things too seriously. Perhaps you need to lighten up or change your perspective about an issue or matter that has been on your mind for a while.

Call on the spirit of the coyote to support you in refreshing your perspective and lighten the weight of circumstances. Even if the coyote is often presented in many stories as a trickster and a spirit animal bringing complication to whoever crosses his path, it is a good reminder to keep things simple and open up to possibilities."

I made sense to me in reading this and it reminded me of the heaviness I felt when I repeatedly saw the poop in comparison to the peace and acceptance I felt when I made the conscious choice to love and co-exist with this creature on my path that became the representative for the emotion of fear. Much like the heaviness we can cause ourselves to feel when overthinking outcomes in the mind, as opposed to remaining present in the body and opening our hearts to the unfolding of the path before us.

Today, when my companion and I set out for our walk, I found myself diligently looking for the Coyote excretions, as they had appeared every day for at least a week; a fresh pile literally on the path we walk.

I didn't see any.

I stopped to meditate. To take it all in. Nature and its bountiful beauty and wisdom. I could feel the Coyote present with us in the forest, I knew he was there. I could see him in my third eye. Large and greyish brown, camaflouged amidst the trees. Beautiful and wise.

After shifting my perspective, I no longer felt a sense of fear, but rather a sense of being weightless, choosing to live life among the wild and free.

Is there somewhere in your life that you are holding back because of fear? Is there a deeper, Divine purpose calling you that you are unwilling to answer based on its uncertainty?

Your higher truth awaits you in the knowing of your heart.

In harmony with Nature and at peace with All That Is,

Fotini Chandrika

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