A New Year....Unlocking the Heart's Desire

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us. Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature." - Joseph Campbell

Happy New Year y'all!!!

Today, we put away all of the Christmas decorations and gave the house a nice, full cleaning. It was very ritualistic, as it is every year around this time. We lovingly pack away the holidays as we create space for the NEW!

Such as life.

We honor the past, savor the present and welcome the future, without fear or anticipation.

This 2017, we have dedicated to LOVE and unlocking the desires of the Heart.

When we say "desires", we don't mean fancy cars or name brand clothes (though these can certainly be fun to experience!) What we mean is the TRUE calling of the Heart. The Heart's Desire <3

So now is a time to ask yourself..."what IS my Heart's desire?"

Often we wonder how do we distinguish between the desires of the Heart's calling and the desires of the Ego Mind?

What I have observed in my own body over the years on this self discovery journey is that the desires of my Heart offer a very different FEELing in my body than the desires of my mind.

When I desire something from a place of ego (ie. I WANT my husband to bring me flowers even though I KNOW in my Heart that he LOVES me dearly and infinitely...do I really need the flowers???) the feeling in my body is very different. I feel somewhat agitated. Somewhat out of sorts. Now, when I come back to the place of my Heart (which I promise you comes easier and easier with dedicated practice!), I am perfectly content with the body KNOWING that comes from this place. I can feel it on all levels of my existence. This intuitive knowing that THIS is exactly where I need to be...in every way. Okay, the husband example might have been a bit cheesy but I am sure many can relate to some sort of expectation from their partners, family members, children...on some level. I just find so distinctly that when I connect with anyone from the space of the Heart, any expectations from the "citta vritti" or "mind stuff" are relinquished with pure compassion and I am able to be fully present with the simple experience of BEING. And That. IS. Enough.

A key word that comes up for me when I talk about this is SELF CARE. Self care truly is the opening to self love and self love is the opening to the Heart and the Heart is the opening to true compassion and compassion is the opening to the Heart's Desire or calling. WOW. That was a mouthful...or screen full, but it makes sense, right? This vibration. This ripple effect. It is all energy. The Energy we put forth...we have the choice...will it be from the Ego or from the Heart?

2017 brings us a new opportunity to live from the Heart. To fully connect, with practice of course!, to this place where not only can we identify with our Heart's desire but we can realize it! What stops you?

It is said that fear is the main block to making this connection. The Horses were Master Teachers for me in this regard. Given a long history of dysfunction in life, the Horses really taught me how to reframe my thoughts in order to connect with All That Is, in this moment.

Simply moving my life's navigation system (think GPS) from my Mind to my Heart was enough to change everything. and I mean EVERYTHING.

Slowly, one by one, things came together. Family relationships, compassion, friendships, abundance, hearing (and answering) my true calling...following my bliss. All simply from the reframing of how I approached life. How I embraced my thoughts. How I became HERE. Now.

What calls to your Heart?

Really...what is it? What is that deep knowing that you can FEEL in your body?

Perhaps 2017 is the year you can fully connect with and realize this purpose already known to you but being blocked by fear. It IS the year. It IS your year! It IS OUR YEAR! A year of collective Heart energy, serving one another from this beautiful place of compassion and purpose.

What calls you? What stops you?

The Horses and I invite you to answer this call. We are here, in this sacred space of self discovery and we are holding space for you, right now.

Welcome 2017! Bring on the magic of the Heart!!!

Namaste, with love,

Fotini Chandrika and the Horse Teachers

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