Choose the Path of Love

It was an incredible morning. The night before, as I lay my head down to sleep, I knew when I awoke, I would awaken to magic.

Malachi and I are deeply connected on a Soul level. I nurture this connection with all of the Horses in our care, however, from the moment I met Malachi, I knew he was different. I knew he was a Master Healer and Teacher and I knew he would bring hope to my world. And he did. And he does.

My healing journey began in 2004 when I found yoga, or, rather, yoga found me. From there, I began to allow myself to come undone. Shortly thereafter, I received clarity about my lifelong connection to Horses.

When the Horses entered my life, the stories were no longer important. The Horses clearly taught me that the journey in itself, the process, would bring me to an entirely new place of existence. One where my world would transform from one of, at times, paralyzing fear, to the warmth of the endless path of Love.

On this incredible morning, it all came together for me.

Malachi had clearly communicated to me that we were ready for this walk. It was a dream of mine to walk at liberty with him into the beautiful meditation forest at the back of our property. As I have learned to do, I listened. I listened to my Horse partner, I listened to my intuition, I listened to my Heart.

We walked together on the lead line in a Heart connection. I felt a wave of energy in my body that brought a clear message "Let Go". My mind tried to pop in with the "what if's" but my body quickly led me back to the undeniable connection between us. No rope was needed. We were joined by our Hearts.

I slowly unclipped the line from his halter and left the rest to Trust.

It was a huge lesson for me. It was symbolic of so much: the act of giving a majestic beast completely free will to remain connected in this path of Love or to walk away, with no rope attached, and no fence to keep him contained. In the path of fear, this decision could be labeled as crazy! But in the path of Love, it wasn't crazy at all.

He chose to remain.

We walked together for a time that seemed like pure magic. I chanted one of his favorite chants while we walked around the path toward the forest.

When our walk was complete, it all made sense.

It was his teaching for me in relation to this entire journey of our life's purpose at The Big Red Barn Creativity and Wellness Centre. A huge undertaking that we have embarked on, not only physically and financially, but of equal measure spiritually and emotionally. The funny thing is, often others who are close to us look in at " a day in the life of us" and ask "aren't you exhausted", "aren't you the least bit concerned about how this will all go". The answer is no. We have complete faith that we are exactly where we need to be and, though it may seem crazy, we are not tired yet! This is a testament to self care and spiritual practice!

It was clear to me. Follow this path. Choose to let go of fear of what could be or what could go wrong. Stay with love and trusting the bigger picture of it all...and it will always be okay. It is a matter of the Heart, this idea of connection. And, although I try my best to convey it to you through these posts and blogs, it is one that really can only be felt in the body and in the Heart. When logic tries to come into the mind and, at times, lead you to fear...the body may have a different vision. A vision of love and purpose. A vision of this path where nothing is perfect, nothing is planned....but love always guides the way to the magic of this very moment.

Here is to your path.

Here is to a path for all Beings guided by the most powerful energy of all.


Namaste <3

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