Meet the Herd

Fotini Chandrika Walton

Fotini has had a life long empathic and intuitive connection to animals and has found much inspiration through observing their way of life in Nature. She has experienced, first hand, the profound wisdom of animals and, in particular, the Horse through their deep heart energy and non-predatory nature.  Her experience healing with Horses has been the inner compass to guide her journey into the mind, body and spirit connection. Fotini has walked a winding road on the paths of expressive arts, yoga, meditation and energy medicine. Fotini is a triple Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with the Yoga Alliance (E-RYT-500).  She has studied Vipassana Meditation under the guidance of Stephen Rinaldi at the 300 hour level.  Her keen interest in Ayurveda and observing the patterns of Nature within the self led her to complete intense study under the guidance of Dr. David Frawley (Author, Ayurveda Acharya) to integrate the Ayurvedic Wellness philosophies into her personal and professional practices where she is drawn to the medicine of herbs, gems, aromatherapy, energy and sound. She continued her journey on the learning path through specialized trainings in Clinical Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Yoga, Herbalism and Lifestyle Coaching, She is a regular contributing writer for various publications and has been a guest on various podcasts where she passionately shares the connection she has found between Yogic practice, the wisdom of Horses and the development of Equine Guided Wellness modality, Horse Wisdom Yoga®.  This unique practice partners with Horses and takes a special focus on the revealing of limiting thought patterns  and belief systems in individuals of all ages, supporting them in realizing their full potential! Over the years, Fotini's expressive arts practice has evolved from writing to visual arts and her learning path has included foundational training in Expressive Arts as Therapy with the Create Institute in Toronto.  She holds space for her clients to process their experiences with the Horses through the arts in various mediums and a low skill/high sensitivity model. Fotini is a Certified FEEL® Practitioner (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) and has partnered with the Horse as Teacher to empower clients to connect and explore with their authentic self through the various modalities which have personally transformed her own life. She continues to expand her learning, research and case studies on the topic of how Horses profoundly help Humans on the journey of healing and self-discovery. In 2016, in collaboration with the Herd, Fotini launched the one-of-a-kind Horse Wisdom Yoga® Certified Teacher Training Program, where she marries her deepest passions and delivers a program rich in creativity, personal transformation and professional development, designed to prepare Certified Yoga Teachers to partner with their Horses to share the Equine Guided Wellness practice of Horse Wisdom Yoga®. Together, the Horses and  Fotini are on the mission to help sensitive, empathic individuals live their life's purpose and find their voice and feel true belonging in this wild world!

Fotini enjoys being creative with her Horses and in nature and is most grateful for her deep connection to her  family,  the animals they share their life with, and the land they all so gratefully call "Home".

Sensei Kevin Walton

Kevin was born a runner. By the age of 6, he won his 1st trophy as a sprinter, followed by numerous awards including MVP.  At the age of 15, he won first place in 100m and 200m sprint at the OFSAA Championships. Simultaneously, Kevin had began practicing Karate, where he spent years as a dedicated student and award winning Kumite fighter. Martial arts became his lifestyle and in 1989 he earned his 1st Degree (Shodan)Black Belt, followed by his 2nd Degree (Nidan)Black Belt in 1992. He continued to explore the arts and expanded his practice to include Taekwondo and Muay Thai Kickboxing where he would train extensively with World Champion fighters including Gary Sandland and Chris Wright. He coached amateur fighters alongside his honored teacher and good friend, Carl Stedmond (Founder of Liverpool Kickboxing & Karate Club and Inspired Karate ~ Self Empowerment Through Karate). In 2002, Kevin was introduced to Horses through his relationship with Fotini. He was immediately drawn to their energy and became the quiet observer.  He began to notice that the horses mirrored many of the theories of martial arts, with their unmistakeable authenticity, high levels of awareness and constant practice of mindfulness.  This inspired him to deepen his connection to the wisdom of Horses and begin to explore his own self discovery experience with the Horse as Teacher. Kevin has a unique connection to the Horses, and is honored to care for and learn from them. Kevin enjoys spending quality time with his family and working around the farm together.


Spirit was the Ambassador for the Walton Family to officially become Horse Stewards.  The Waltons met Spirit hours after his birth and became closely bonded with him. One day, they arrived at the farm he was born at, and saw him in the round pen with potential buyers. They immediately knew that they could not lose him and reached out to his caregiver, at the time, and asked to become his family!


Spirit brings a fun, joyful energy to the field while also reminding those around him how important it is to embody healthy boundaries.  Spirit has been a gifted teacher and guide in providing a visual of what energy looks like, as well as the transformation that occurs in mind, body and spirit, once engaged with the power of the heart.

On a personal level, Spirit enjoys running in the field at full speed and can, almost always, be found with a single piece of hay at the side of his mouth.

Spirit is most often the first to greet our new guests!


Malachi joined the Herd shortly after Spirit began the journey! When Fotini first met him, she immediately knew he carried a wisdom that was unlike anything she had ever encountered with the many teachers she had learned from. He reflected back the shadow side of her Self, which carried the same wisdom he shared. They quickly became soul partners on the healing journey.

Malachi is a highly sensitive Horse and shares the beautiful gift of connection with his clients. He is a wise teacher of presence and helps bring awareness and acceptance to the darker sides of the Self that can hold us back from moving forward in our Greatness.

On a personal level, Malachi takes on the big responsibility of "Elder" among his Herdmates. He has been like a "father" to Spirit, raising him from the time young Spirit was only one year old.


Malachi loves a good scratch at the withers, but only if you connect to his wise and sensitive heart first!


It became clear that the growing Herd was seeking balance through the invitation of a mare to the Herd.  Penny came along with pure alignment through an ad on the internet. When Fotini called the phone number, the young woman said that she literally had "just posted the ad!".  After Fotini met her in person, it was clear that she was meant to join the Herd and had so very much to teach!

Penny is a clear communicator within her Herd and with her Human caregivers and clients.  She is, for the most part, calm and quiet unless she is trying to get a point across, in which case, she makes sure that her message is herd. Penny loves to be loved and is a Teacher of compassion for self and others.

On a personal level, Penny loves to have her mane brushed while being whispered to that she is beautiful.  As we whisper she is beautiful, she reminds us that we are beautiful too!


One morning, Fotini woke up with a clear vision of a White Horse. This majestic being brought the message of purity and Divine love. This was during Fotini's studies at the ISIS Expressive Arts program in Toronto (now known as Create Institute).  Somehow, Fotini stumbled across this beautiful white horse when looking for something completely different online. She emailed back and forth with the caregiver, who was very kind and caring about the Horse. Something was missing, we had gone back and forth in numerous emails but I still didn't know the Horse's name. The caregiver responded that her registered name was "Delight de Isis". Fotini was shocked as she was enrolled in the ISIS program for Expressive Arts. The synchronicity was incredible! Needless to day, Isa was the white horse to complete the Herd!

Isa is a Divine being and visionary who reminds her clients to look forward with intention. She helps us return to the place of purity within us all that holds our deepest heart's desires and guides us to our bliss. Isa is not always the most forthcoming when meeting clients in-person but we often hear that she communicates with clients in their visions and dreams, much like she did with Fotini!

On a personal level, Isa is very selective about her friendships within the Herd and is not afraid to stand out in the crowd!

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