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A Yogic Lifestyle has profound benefits on the many levels of our existence and promotes unity of mind, body and spirit.

Many people are introduced to Yoga as a physical exercise promoting balance and flexibility. This stands true for the physical practice of yoga poses (asana), however, there is much more behind the practice of yoga, including the ethical practice as well as breathing techniques (pranayama), affirmations (mantra) and meditation (dhyana). The complete practice of yoga will benefit the physical body as well as the flow of life force (prana) in the subtle energy bodies. The physical practice of yoga is a mindfulness based movement practice. The benefits of mindfulness are profound for individuals of all ages.  

Some of the benefits of a yogic lifestyle  include, but are certainly not limited to:

• Better concentration & awareness
• Emotional intelligence 
• Breath awareness
• Sense of calm and peace
• Sense of connection
• Greater acceptance of self and others

• Relief of tension and chronic stress
• Regulation of emotions and their energy
• Calming anxiety & promote deep relaxation
• Increased physical strength and balance
• Better tolerance for physical and mental discomfort
• Massage intestines and improve digestion
• Trauma release

• Increase in fluidity of joint, spinal column and nervous system 

• Regulate blood pressure


Horse Wisdom Yoga ® teaches us about coming back to our true nature and carrying the practice of yoga on and off the mat.

Horse wisdom can be simply defined as the "way of the horse" and has been prevalent in many cultures for thousands of years.  It is said that not one single animal has contributed to the evolution of humans more than the horse.

Horses have been seen in Hindu tradition, Greek mythology and many other cultures, as being closely connected to the Gods.


The horse has not only facilitated the freedom and expansion in humans as a means of travel, but horses serve in the freedom and expansion of the human spirit.  Horses spend much of their day in meditation and show us that meditation is the avenue to freedom. Accepting things as they are. 


The horses have inspired us to create a place where the ancient principles of Yoga and Ayurveda can combine with the way of the horse for the ultimate yogic experience.


"Horses were given powers of divination. More than one legend speaks of the clairvoyance of horses and their ability to recognize those involved in magic. They are symbols that can express the magical side of humans." - Ted Andrews, Animal Speak

Please visit our Calendar of Events for yoga class times and descriptions. Are you looking for a deeper experience in your yoga practice?  Are you seeking personal transformation and/or professional development guided by the wisdom of Horses and the ancient Vedic systems? Please visit Horse Wisdom Yoga website for more information on private offerings and the Learning Path.


"I went to the Big Red Barn for my first Horse Wisdom Yoga session! Fotini and the Horses are amazing! Her intuition and welcoming personality made me feel very comfortable. The Horses are incredibly reflective and insightful. The entire farm is magical :) I would highly recommend this experience!!"~ Tundi M.

"The experience of working with the horse who chose to work with me has been life changing/life centering for me and has become an anchoring point in my life.The experience guided me back to truly know what it is to rest in stillness and in my centre and get out of my head. I continue to hang onto that experience of returning to resting and peace and I use it as a guidepost to notice where i am at with things. That barometer has allowed me to make important decisions and to notice how my choices impact me. Who would believe that only one meeting with you and horse as teacher could have had such a profound impact but it did! I am so thankful that I found about your work. The experience that day with the horse brought me back to myself and I was able to make a very big decision and continue to reap the benefits. thank you!" ~ Amanda G.


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom" ~Anais Nin

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