Equine Guided Wellness Experiences

A heart connection can reveal wisdom and healing between horse and human

Extensive studies have revealed that being in the presence of horses has incredible benefits to humans on many different levels. Being prey animals, horses teach us about emotion regulation, the power of intention, our authenticity, and how to live in the present moment, from the heart space.  In this day and age, many humans live their day to day lives from the left side of the brain where ego is paramount. Being around horses builds new neural pathways in humans, creating a bridge to the right side of the brain and to the heart while increasing creativity and mindfulness.  Horses are incredible teachers of compassion as they so gracefully stay present with us through our challenges, rather than seeking to "fix" us. Partnership with Horses supports the exploration of the authentic self and provides opportunity for self empowerment, confidence creativity and connection for the human by way of non-judgmental reflection by the horse teacher.

We offer the following Equine Guided Wellness Experiences:


Sessions include intuitive wellness coaching, equine guided experience and creative self-reflection.

Private 1:1 Sessions: 1.5 hours

Individual session $225 plus hst

Additional Participant $30 plus hst

Package of 6 Individual Sessions $1,125 plus hst

Retreats include intuitive wellness coaching, equine guided experience, gentle yoga & meditation and creative self-reflection.

Half Day (10-2) Private Retreat $375 plus hst ($50 per additional person)

Full Day (10-6) $695 plus hst ($75 per additional person)

" I was there for an Equine Guided Wellness Experience with Fotini and I was completely amazed by the powerful messages I got from the experience. Standing by the horses was magical. These animals are able to connect with you and let you realize how you feel deep inside. Horses don't judge, each of them have their own personality but in the end they live in the present moment and teach us to do the same by accepting whatever may arise in the now. Fotini guided me throughout the experience with her helpful insights and her natural gift. I feel so grateful and blessed to be able to live such an inspiring experience!" - Laura C, Toronto, Ontario

Beneficial for all ages:  working with Horses in this way increase mindfulness and emotional awareness, while building confidence, self-regulation while tapping into one's inner resources and wisdom.

"I had a private Equine Guided Wellness Experience at The Big Red Barn and it was such a positive ...experience! I have a lifetime of experience with horses having grown up with them, worked in the horse industry and still ride to this day. However the work we did today was something completely different and so rewarding. Setting aside any of my past knowledge and experiences I could use my heart to have open communication with my equine teacher. This beautiful experience has taken me one step closer to using my heart instead of always my head and being able to get more in touch with my true authentic self. I highly recommend this experience. I will be back!" - Heather L., Haliburton, Ontario

Contact us to book your Experience with Fotini Chandrika and the Horse Teachers or book a consultation call to see how Equine Guided Wellness can help you!


No horse experience necessary.

"There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a (wo)man." ~ Sir Winston Churchill

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