Expressive Arts

Horses are curious and live from the heart space, with a way of inspiring humans to be in touch with their creativity!
"I was really able to be at ease; letting go of goals and objectives and just being in the moment with the art and the horses."  - Rita L. 

Expressive arts is a path to decentering from the day to day "grind" and crossing over a threshold leading to our authenticity..  Once we feel the connection to our authentic nature, we can begin to let go and exercise our right to freedom of expression through art!  The wonderful thing about art in the physical form (visual arts) is it provides the tools to create something tangible which can serve as a reminder of the connection to your true nature when you were actually creating it. This is called "art energy". Your expressive art will carry this energy with it.  Self-expression through the arts can be inspired by nature, animals, dreams, emotions or simply what is in the present moment.  The horses hold space for us to connect with our artist soul and free our thoughts and emotions through Soul Art. They also remind us to let go, release and HAVE FUN!


Something that all beings have in common is the desire to "play". We are born with this innate curiousity and wonder but somewhere along the way, many of us lose this connection through societal conditioning and heavy demands. Many of us in Western society live with a "work horse" mentality, rarely taking the time to get off of the spinning wheel and just simply PLAY! Through art, we can begin to share stories, whether truth or simply imaginative, in such a way that it is released to the creative source and simply is. 


Through writing stories, journaling or poetry, we are able to revisit the art energy through reading what we have written in the state of connection and decentering. We walk away from the day to day responsibilties and see what we find when we look into our inner self. Visual arts provide an opportunity for the art to reflect back to us in a way that resonates with our own soul and experiences. The same piece of art can speak different things to different people.


The process of creating followed by listening to the art "speak" encourages mindfulness and increases emotional intelligence through honor and acceptance of where we are in that moment. Art making supports self love, inner peace and having FUN! In the group process, expressive arts encourages teamwork, supportive listening, communication skills and the ability to hold space for the art experience of others. Art is not judged or criticized, but is given the space to reach out to others in its own energy resonance. This supports putting our inner critic to rest and learning how to just be with what has been created and how it resonates with our own experience. The beautiful significance of creativity is that, when created with love and compassion, your self expression contributes to a collective consciousness, sending out its impactful rippling effect out into the Cosmos.


A low skill/high sensitivity model allows for no art experience ever necessary. Expressive arts is a mindful self expression and allows the art to speak in its own language carrying its own energy and revealing amazing art wisdom!


Expressive arts and creativity are a large part of yogic culture, with many of the ancient yogis being poets and visual artists, This lends to our belief (and proven scientific studies) that creativity is deeply healing on many levels.  Please visit our Calendar of Events for upcoming expressive arts offerings or Contact Us to book a customized private (or group) experience!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ~Thomas Merton.

Spirit is encouraging the art-making process and supporting authentic expression from the heart.

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