Breathe ~The Simplicity Prescription

"(S)he lives most life whoever breathes most air." ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning I have met with many new clients over the past few weeks, most of which arrive on our farm due to high stress, manifesting in physical discomfort, anxiety, depression...all very common in today's Western society. Many of us are living in a constant state of elevated stress hormones which prevent the body from coming to homeostasis (ie. a balanced state). We go out and seek various programs, vitamins, supplements, name try and reach this balanced state. While many of these programs and ideas can certainly be helpful, often times the help is coming from the placebo effect of the state of mind

Manifestation ~ Leading with the Heart

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right." ~ Henry Ford It's fascinating how it works. And it REALLY works. The art of manifestation, that is. What are your dreams? What is your Heart's deepest desire? When you ask yourself these questions, the answers can't be thought or rationalized. For these answers to come from the place inside of you of knowing and wisdom, the answers are required to be FELT. Can you feel it? Can you become your dreams, giving them breath and allowing them to take a life of their very own? When we moved to our farm in 2009, I did just that. We now had the space (minus the Horse fencing etc) to give breath to our dreams. Though it was not yet clear h

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