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It was an incredible morning. The night before, as I lay my head down to sleep, I knew when I awoke, I would awaken to magic. Malachi and I are deeply connected on a Soul level. I nurture this connection with all of the Horses in our care, however, from the moment I met Malachi, I knew he was different. I knew he was a Master Healer and Teacher and I knew he would bring hope to my world. And he did. And he does. My healing journey began in 2004 when I found yoga, or, rather, yoga found me. From there, I began to allow myself to come undone. Shortly thereafter, I received clarity about my lifelong connection to Horses. When the Horses entered my life, the stories were no longer important. The

The Freedom Walk ~ A Two Heart Harmony

It was a beautiful morning. I sat on the bench, comfortable in the silence of the company of my favorite Teachers, the Horses. Since the drought had dried up most of the pasture at the back of our land, the Horse Teachers found contentment in the simplicity of their hay. But there was something they didn't know...or did they? At the top of the land, about 800 feet from the back paddock where they currently live, and completely out of sight, is a one acre pasture where they had been before...but given the beauty of the Horses living in the present moment, it was out of sight and out of mind for them. But not for me. Every morning I walk out of the house I see the front pasture and it was be

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