Mindful Parenting: How Can We "Walk our Talk" as Parents?

Before I gave birth to my son, I had been practicing yoga for about 5 years. I thought I knew a bit about mindfulness...until he was born. Becoming a mother was a serious wake up call for me. But, not in a bad way. In a million really, really good ways. The first real wake up call for me was the importance of my own healing. As most of us can say, I had a lot of baggage when I became a parent. Somehow, intuitively or maybe instinctively, I had a sense of knowing that any unfinished spiritual business would find its way into my son's spiritual being. There was no way this lioness was going to let that junk near her cub. It was a lot of work... a lot of commitment, a lot of energy....but, on

Yawning For Connection

When I first began studying the horse human connection, it became clear that there was a lot being said about a horses yawning. To the world of those who recognize horses as teachers and healers, the yawn is often referred to as a powerful release of energy by the horse. It could be the horse releasing energy it was taking on from the human, its herd, or its own. It is concluded as a release of some sort. Could there be even more to it? This is a really interesting personal experience I had with the horses and yawning. Without going backwards and getting into too much details, lets just say...I had had a really hard day. I felt stuck in my head. I went down to the herd. I approached the gat

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