The Art of Horse Listening

I am sure you have heard the term "horse whispering". A term used to describe people who demonstrate a profound connection to the equine species and are able to "get through" to them in ways that the general horse person cannot. A term often used to refer to someone who has been able to "fix" a troubled or "problem" horse. My intention is not to put down the "horse whisperer" in any way, as I do believe there is a time for everything. The "whisperers" are often referred to as such because they have a gentle, compassionate way of working with horses, which, I am sure we can all agree, is much needed in the horse world! Now, what about "horse listening"? Have you ever heard this term? It came

A Glimpse Into Their Classroom: The Horse as Teacher

I get it. I totally get it. The perspective of the skeptic. I completely understand because I have been there, tirelessly wandering from barn to barn, riding horses and wondering why I didnt FEEL the connection on their back that I felt in my heart. When I heard about horses as teachers and healers, I too was a wee bit skeptic. Although, I knew there was something very special about horses that had drawn me in since a little girl, I just couldn't quite grasp how this would work. From my first experience as the client at a facilitated workshop with horses and their human co-facilitators, I was completely and 100% convinced that this was the "real deal" with horses. And so began my journey of

The Gratitude Jar

It is the middle of February and somehow, every single year, around this time, I begin to feel like the wheel of the organic flow of life sort of, well, stops turning. All year I meet life with an open heart and connect with the experiences of life, but, for some reason, every February I can remember becomes time to truly and deeply look inward. Some may call it the February BLAHS...I mindfully embrace the opportunity to wander within. As I look to my greatest teachers in nature, the birds, the trees, the horses, it seems that to them this is a time of focus on simplicity...the simplicity which is their nature. With food not as plentiful or rich, and with inclement weather forcing them to

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